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The most precious treasure is our health, only it provides us with the well-being and balance we need to face and enjoy this unique phenomenon that is our life.

Wafik Al-Wattar, naturopathic doctor and surgeon of Syrian-Lebanese origin, Spanish nationality, graduated in medicine and surgery from the Barcelona clinical hospital in 1977, specialist in urology, sexology, andrology and natural medicine from hospital príncipes de España in 1982, doctorate in dietetics in 1978 at the Barcelona clinical hospital, Diploma in the DGHAL technique in Sydney Australia, since 1995 he has dedicated his life to ensuring the health and well-being of his peers.

Knowledgeable about the therapeutic properties of oriental medicinal plants, of millenary tradition, he has been applying his knowledge and experience in prescribing natural products of oriental origin to his family, friends and patients. On this page you will be able to find all the information, history, origin and medical experience of these products, of which their beneficial effects are confirmed by monitoring them for years.

Recently, and in order to disseminate and publicize these facts, and benefits, making them available to everyone, the company Siremsyr S.L. , which markets a series of these oriental products, of which on this website you will find all the characteristics and effects, we hope they are of your interest and consideration.

Why Siremsyr?

The benefit for people’s health.

◊ Experience:

Scientific studies carried out by Dr. Wafik Al-wattar, a specialist in natural medicine, urology, sexology, proctology and andrology with more than 35 years of experience.

◊ Capacity:

Siremsyr’s team of professionals works to ensure your health and well-being.

◊ Trust:

Thousands of treated patients support us.

◊ Future:

Committed to using the highest quality natural products to continue offering the best results.

Our advantages

We are a company dedicated to offering the best natural products from the East of the highest quality, in addition Siremsyr complies with all legal requirements.

◊ Ease of acquisition

◊ Siremsyr has social networks.

◊ Siremsyr products free of side effects.

◊ Siremsyr products are backed by scientific studies.

◊ Value for money: Siremsyr is committed to offering natural products of the highest purity because we believe that things done well should be priced fairly.


Siremsyr history

Siremsyr registered in Spain and in the European Union, this company is dedicated to everything related to the health and well-being of people. The main thing that it offers are the medicinal plants of the East. The illusion of being able to carry out this project and be a reality began in 1977, the year in which Dr. Wafik received a degree in medicine and surgery and the following year obtained a doctorate in dietetics at hospital clínic de Barcelona.

Doctor Wafik also specialized in urology in 1982 by the Princes of Spain University Hospital in Barcelona.

The interest in dealing with medicinal plants has already started since childhood (Biografía Doctor Wafik).

In his consultations he always preferred treatment with medicinal herbs, among which he already used black cumin (GOLDEN SEED), fenugreek or fenugreek (FENOVIR) and date palm pollen (POLEN PALM) among others.

Since then Dr. Wafik continues to solve problems with natural products, his great desire was to be able to reach all those who need these oriental medicinal plants.

That is why on this website you can see all the monitoring, information, bibliography and scientific studies.

Dr. Wafik has always believed that medicine and benefits have to be available to everyone. The East has benefited from these treasures of nature for centuries, so why not the West and the whole world?

Dr. Wafik feels very happy to make a dream come true, despite the fact that these products are millennia old in the East since the time of the prophet, the tombs of Tutankhamun and in Ayurvedic and Chinese medical medicine knew him.

Firma doctor Wafik de siremsyr en quiénes somosDoctor Wafik Al-Wattar de siremsyr en quiénes somos

Dr.Wafik Al-Wattar